Kyrpto the Superdog Heroes Unleashed

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chapter 1 (The School Run):Kevin is running late for school! Help Kryptoclear a path to speed Kevin along his way. Usethe mouse to control. Press mouse buttonto use Krypto's heat vision. Chapter 2 (Asteroids): While returning from a space mission, Streakyfinds himself caught in an asteroid field! HelpKrypto get Streaky out of danger. Use themouse to control. Avoid all the asteroids. Chapter 3 (Kryptonite Attack): Uh-oh! Krypto is in trouble! Ignatius the Iguana haslaunched a major Kryptonite attack. It's quickly drainingKrypto's power! Luckily, Ace the Bat Hound is on the job.Help Ace destroy the Kryptonite crystals.Use the mouse to control. Press mousebutton to shoot.

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